It’s lights, cameras, action for a movie now being shot in Lewisburg, and local officials couldn’t be happier.

The movie, “What the Night Can Do,” was written by former “Rockford Files” co-star Stuart Margolin, who lives in Lewisburg, said Kristi Godby, media relations manager for the Greenbrier Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“Stuart Margolin isn’t originally from here, but he does live here and we are proud to have this Emmy Award-winning actor in our community. He has been involved in the Greenbrier Valley Theatre, and also writes, so he is very active within the community in several ways,” she said.

“He wanted to do this film, and it is even better that he decided to do it in his adopted home town.”

It’s a “coming of age” story that centers around 12-year-old Luana (played by Peyton Kennedy) whose parents (Max Martini and Mercedes Mason) take her to visit her ailing grandfather Hugh, who lives in West Virginia. He “helps guide the young girl through the trials of love, loss and reconnection,” according to a state Department of Commerce press release.

JoBeth Williams is playing the role of Bettye Sue.

The three-generation family drama will also feature several residents from Greenbrier and Monroe counties, thanks to the West Virginia Film Office’s having put out a call for extras.

Lewisburg Mayor John Manchester said he’d been happy to cooperate with the film crew, which began early with “hammering out details, tweaking out a proposal and then making it happen,” he said.

“We try as a community to be as film friendly as possible,” he said.

Movie makers were looking for two specific scenes to go with – and accommodate – their script in different parts of Greenbrier and Monroe counties.

“So our effort is one piece of the puzzle, and we are excited to be part of it,” he said.

Manchester said it’s also good in terms of local economic development.

“Any time you have a film crew come in, it helps because it takes a lot of people to put together a movie. They eat locally, stay in your hotels, and use it as a base of operations to go do all of the other work that’s required to put the movie together. This is a win/win for us all,” he said.

Filming is expected to take place in Lewisburg and the surrounding area through Oct. 17. The film is slated for release in late 2017.

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