Consider this your family’s fall bucket list.

1. Compare Woolly Bear caterpillars to see which ones have more black than brown to see if it’s going to be a bad winter

2. See spider webs glisten in the early morning dew

3. Listens to crickets chirp in the middle of the day

4. Collect sticks for the last wood fire of the season, complete with s’mores and hot chocolate.

5. Keep some fall color for later by using crayons to make leaf rubbings, or collect and iron leaves between two sheets of wax paper

6. Help the squirrels by piling up acorns and hickory nuts beside trees

7. Visit a local pumpkin patch, and be sure to save some seeds to plant next spring

Orr's Farm Market in Berkeley County

Orr’s Farm Market in Berkeley County

8. Cuddle under blankets in the chilly night air to get a good look at the heavens and start a stargazing diary

9. Give Mother Nature a hand by planting seeds from summer wildflowers like milkweed, and also help Monarch butterflies at the same time

10. Watch for paw prints in the mud, especially for seldom seen night critters like raccoons and even fox

11. And last but not least, don’t forget to jump in the leaves!


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