Two-year-old Kaydence Weaver isn’t just waiting for Santa to bring her presents on Christmas Day.

Instead, family members are asking folks to send the Indiana youngster holiday cards as a way to help boost her Christmas cheer.

So officials in Dunbar are doing their best to help her receive at least 500 Christmas cards from around the country.

Dunbar Mayor Terry Greenlee shared the little girl’s story at Monday night’s meeting where he also handed out the family’s address to council members and citizens in the audience.

At that time, Greenlee said he had no doubt the goal would be met and vowed to do his part, according to WSAZ.

“I’m doing everything I can to make that happen,” he said.

“She’ll get 500 cards, she’ll probably get a million cards worldwide. I just want to make sure Dunbar is part of that.”

Kaydence was diagnosed with a form of soft tissue cancer in July. She is slated to finish chemotherapy treatments next spring.

During a hospital visit, her Aunt Misty Deavers talked about another child who’d received hundreds of get-well cards.

That’s when Kaydence and her 4-year-old sister decided to request Christmas cards. Numbers aren’t really important. It’s the thoughts that count.

“As long as they have something that I can read to them, and something that they can open up and know that they have something there, whatever they get I know they’ll be happy with whatever the results are,” Deavers told an Indianapolis radio station.

Send cards to: Kaydence and Salem Weaver, c/o Misty Deavers, PO Box 615, Noblesville, IN 46061.