Budweiser. Coors. Rolling Rock. Iconic names. But can you come up with something better?

Bridge Brew Works in Fayetteville and the West Virginia Land Trust think you can.

They have an open competition to name a new beer—brewed right here in West Virginia—but the deadline is Friday.

The brewery and the non-profit organization have joined together for a second collaborative effort that focuses on public participation. The two are working together to highlight the importance of state waters. After all, beer is 95 percent water.

“People really take this to heart, and the names show how much they care about the state. It really is touching to see,” said Land Trust Director of Development and Communications Jessica Spatafore.

More than 100 official submissions have already been received.

Since the brewery is located in scenic Fayette County, some folks have capitalized on its proximity with names like New River Dew and New River Pure.

Others focus on its West Virginia roots, suggesting names like Clean Mountain Mama, Almost Heaven Brew, and Pure Wild and Wonderful.

It’s the second project Bridge Works and the Land Trust have worked on. In August, event organizers celebrated the launch of “Seldom Seen Saison”.

Brewed with clean water from the New River and French Saison yeast, Seldom Seen was named for a local river rapid. Its mild malt flavor, some pepper notes plus a hint of lemon made it a sell out as a special summer brew.

The new beer will be featured at the Clean Water Collaboration launch event at Canaan Valley on January 14.

It’s not going to be easy to pick a winner, and the top entries may be put up for a public vote. But that’s a big part of the continuing effort to educate folks on the importance of water in everyday life, Spatafore said.

Protect land. Protect water. Protect beer.

“We came up with this idea about a year ago, because we focus on protecting land. But another part of that focus is on protecting land that borders rivers and streams because it also impacts water quality,” she said.

“This has been a way to go more main stream, to try and draw more people in.”

Teaming with the state’s growing craft beer industry was a natural fit, she said.

Herrold agreed, adding that brewing will get underway today for the new Weizenbock style beer which will be launched in Canaan Valley.

It has the aroma of spicy clove, vanilla and dark stone fruit, as well as a complex malt and wheat flavor with hints of chocolate, fruit and spice, he said.

“As far as we know it’s not like anything that’s been brewed in the state.”

Bridge Brew Works opened in 2010 and to date has brewed more than 40 different styles of beer. Ken Linch is a co-owner, while Adam Herrold is the brewer for the three-man operation.

“It’s fun to bring awareness to the importance of clean water not only for brewing purposes but for other things such as outdoor recreation and tourism which are really important here in Fayetteville.”

You can enter your name for the beer at the Bridge Brew Works Facebook page or the West Virginia Land Trust page!

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