Neighbors were in disbelief. Family members didn’t know if loved ones were on it. Even drivers couldn’t believe their eyes when vehicles ahead of them disappeared into the Ohio River.

But soon enough, reality set in.

Forty six people died in rush-hour traffic when The Silver Bridge at Point Pleasant collapsed on Dec. 15, 1967.

Two of the victims were never found.

Named for the color of its aluminum paint, the suspension bridge – that connected Point Pleasant and Gallipolis, Ohio – collapsed due to the failure of a single eyebar in a suspension chain.

“It was just a terrible tragedy, and you could feel the sorrow moving over the town.”

Steve Chapman was 17 years old, but never really got over the tragedy in his hometown.

As a way of honoring the victims, families and community members, he wrote and recorded a special musical tribute for all those impacted by the accident.

“As a songwriter, I decided to write a song to honor the souls we lost, and the city who loves them and still cares very much about them.”

Here’s the song in its entirety: