Nothing beats a hug from grandma, especially when times are tough.

That’s why Charleston Police Department members are counting on the help of some local ladies – who specialize in hugs and love – to help make a difference.

Eleven women have been sworn into office as members of the new Grandma Unit.

It’s a win/win for all involved, said Sgt. Paul Perdue.

G-Unit members, as they like to be called, are ready to dispense affection as needed.

The women, who have themselves been adult abuse victims, live at the YWCA’s Shanklin Center and are happy to be available when officers are having a rough day.


Sgt. Paul Perdue with Buelah Lewis (Submitted photo)

“We’ve hung out with them several times, and it has already been a positive thing for us too,” Perdue said.

Just a smile or kind word makes a difference.

“What we’re going to do is set up a little bit more of a visitation with them for folks coming in from our department to see these ladies, and different divisions are going to do it too. It’s all about getting hugs from these grandmas.”

They will also visit City Hall, and are planning to help when city employees could use a boost.

“Even people in the mall could use a hug, so hopefully people will soon start recognizing them and what they have to offer.

“They are going to be great ambassadors for our police department when it comes to spreading love.”

Perdue credited Cpl. Errol Randle as the driving force behind the new initiative which has gained national attention since it was announced last week.

It’s an idea that’s time has come.

“My grandmas were both awesome, and these ladies are just like that too. I guess you could say I really believe in the power of a grandma’s smile,” Perdue said.

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