Daffodil is more than a popular spring flower now.

West Virginia’s own Fiesta Dinnerware has chosen daffodil as its new color for 2017.

The “vibrant golden yellow” compliments other colors named for flowers – sunflower (a bright yellow) and marigold (yellowish-orange.)


The cheery new hue looks great when combined with the brand’s other available colors that range from deep cobalt to sunny tangerine, according to the man responsible for making these creative decisions.

Rich Brinkman is vice president of sales and marketing for Homer Laughlin, the iconic Northern Panhandle business that manufactures the popular ceramic-glazed dinnerware.

His title doesn’t do his work justice.

He’s proud to be the brand’s “color whisperer.”

And while it just comes naturally to him, there’s still a process guiding this selection.

“I basically do this process personally because I follow color so closely. I look at color everywhere. I look at colors in automobiles and other high-end items like clothing. Since I need to be ahead of colors, I generally know what colors are going to come out two to three years in advance,” he said.

What’s harder is narrowing down the hue.

“But I do that too because I just have a natural affinity for color. The challenge is having them like you.”

Last year’s claret was a high-fashion color reminiscent of red wine and proved popular with collectors. It followed the introduction of sage (earthy green) and slate (dark grey) in 2015 which represents “a beautiful progression into a sophisticated color palette.”

He can see the possibilities now with daffodil.

“I believe this is one of the best colors we’ve introduced since scarlet came out. And that’s saying a lot because we’ve had some wonderful colors. The top color is turquoise, then scarlet and sunflower because the blue and yellow families are really strong,” he said.

There’s virtually no limit to the line’s creative color combinations, especially with the introduction of daffodil.

A nautical color scheme comes from combining daffodil, turquoise, cobalt, scarlet and white.

Citrus punch features daffodil, sunflower, lemongrass, tangerine, ivory and turquoise with slate and sage accents.

A bold, spicy look sizzles using daffodil, poppy, sunflower, scarlet and claret accented by lemon and tangerine accessories.
Brinkman said he looks forward to making the annual new color announcement which took place this year in Atlanta instead of Chicago.

“We actually had an unveiling because it means that much to us,” he said.

The celebrated line debuted in 1936 and is produced at the company’s facility in Newell, West Virginia.

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