Did you grow up in North Central West Virginia in the 1990’s? Then you’ll know these things to be ABSOLUTE truths.

1. No store in the world had a better toy department than this place.

2. There was only one radio station to listen to.

The hit music station!

3. And there was no better DJ on the radio, ever.

Sadly, WVAQ’s Lacy Neff passed away last summer.

4. There was no better place to be on a Friday night in the Fall…

Or where ever your football team played that night.

5. And no better place than here on Saturday afternoon


John Duffy via Flickr

In fact, that’s still true!

6. Driving here was a BIG DEAL.

Joby Franczek via Flickr

There’s nothing more rewarding than driving out of the Ft. Pitt Tunnell.

7. This was our Disneyland

Saeru via Flickr

We’ll take Kennywood any day!

8. We really didn’t lock these at night

Michael Wolfe via Flickr

Because we didn’t really have anything for anyone to steal anyway.

9. You had a DEFINITE opinion on which mall was better, and never went to the other one.



10. You and your family had a go-to hot dog spot.

11. This was always POP and never anything else.


12. There was no greater thrill than catching one of these suckers

Ashley Harrigan via Flickr

13. This place had the BEST strawberry pie ever.

Mr. Blue MauMau via Flickr

14. You probably went on a boring field trip to this place.

D.D. Meighen via Flickr

15. Years later, you only  know get just how beautiful this place is.

Jon Dawson via Flickr

16. You had mixed feelings about this grocery store.

17. But all these years later, you know it was a pretty awesome place and way to grow up.

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