Helvetia is a beautiful and unique Swiss  village in Randolph County  that was founded shortly after the Civil War came to an end.

Swiss immigrants were searching for a new and peaceful place to call home.

They found that place among the majestic West Virginia mountains. They named their new home Helvetia.

They began to build a  community and sent word to family and friends to join them. At one time Helvetia was home to 308 Swiss immigrants. Today the stunning community is home to only 59 individuals.

The residents of Helvetia keep old traditions alive. They farm as their ancestors did.

They hold traditional dances and honor and celebrate Swiss holidays and hold traditional carnivals to celebrate the changing seasons.

Helvetia Community Fair Facebook

Helvetia Community Fair Facebook

All of the homes and businesses were created like architecture in Switzerland. The village is picture perfect.

The village is home to The Hutte a Swiss restaurant that serves delicious Swiss dishes. The Hutte has been featured on the Food Network.

It appears and feels like time has stood still in Helvetia. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this Swiss village and enjoy its beauty and traditions.