Who needs the Carribean?

There’s an island for sale, right here in West Virginia.

Scout Island isn’t tropical, but its trees and shady banks offer a special refuge.

The asking price for the 10-acre bar island located in the middle of the Tygart River  is $123,500.

Its name originated with a Boy Scout troop having used it as a private camp in the 1940s and 1950s.

Ninety three year old Arthur Vincent, who grew up in the rural Marion County community of Colfax, still vividly remembers those days.

“In the summer we’d see scouts coming up the railroad tracks as they made their way over to the island. They had a good time over there,” he said.

It’s still  the perfect place to get away to enjoy nature, especially since there’s nothing else there.

No buildings (aside from an aging pavilion), no utilities or other amenities.

Just getting there will be an adventure, and possibly a wet one.

There are no bridges to the shore.

Floyd Real Estate Inc.

Floyd Real Estate Inc.

So be prepared to wade (when the water is down), use a boat or canoe.

Access is from property on the mainland, approximately 2.238 acres, that is being conveyed with the island.

It is about 50 yards off the mainland just north or upriver from Poplar Island.

Floyd Real Estate Inc.

Floyd Real Estate Inc.


Let’s talk finances.

With a down payment of $24,700, a 30-year-fixed loan at a 4.073 interest rate means the estimated monthly payment will be $476.

But who can put a price on paradise?

Although it’s been on the market since March, an offer has been made on the unusual parcel.

Stay tuned to see what happens.

Fairmont realtor Diane Floyd of Floyd Real Estate said she’s never seen an offering like this during her 25-year career.

And it probably won’t happen again.

“It’s been listed as an opportunity to own your own island. And that pretty much says it all. I don’t know of any other West Virginia island being sold. Someone who really loves nature and wants to get away from it all will be happy on this one,” Floyd said.

Ironically, the state has approximately 50 named islands in various  rivers including Blennerhassett Island in the Ohio River.

Other rivers with islands include: Kanawha, New, Guyandotte, South Branch of the Potomac, Cheat, Shenandoah and New.

The Ohio River leads the state list with 31 named islands.