Cheesecake lovers, take note.

There’s a special place to get these goodies.

And fall is extra special with seasonal flavors to tempt the palate.

Check out Everything Cheesecake in Martinsburg, where owners have been satisfying sweet tooths since October 2014.

It is owned and operated by the husband and wife duo Erin and Teresa Gibbons.

They chose a spot close to the Berkeley County Judicial Center and other county offices located on or near Stephen Street.

Teresa bakes all of the gourmet cheesecakes from scratch in the downtown eatery’s kitchen.

She offers five different flavors per day.

Creating the perfect cheesecake isn’t easy, and takes time.

The kitchen has four ovens, because it takes two hours to make and bake a cheesecake.

To create the perfect cheesecake you have to bake for an hour, then cool in the oven for another hour.

Customers are more than satisfied with the lip-smacking results, especially when it comes to flavors like mint chocolate, sugar cookie, banana cream, hot fudge sundae and white chocolate raspberry.

Don’t forget chocolate mocha, butterscotch, brownie batter and orange creamsicle.

That’s only the beginning.

Autumn is nearly here, and that means the couple’s beginning to bring out some special fall flavors.

“We do a lot of seasonal flavors.  A few of them are pumpkin,  pecan pie, and caramel macchiato,” she said.

Perhaps not surprisingly, many of these are also some of the bakery’s best sellers.

Top on the list are pumpkin and pecan pie, followed by salted caramel and apple crumb pie cheesecake.

There’s another reason they are special.

“ The Pecan Pie Cheesecake and Apple Crumb Pie Cheesecake both have full pies baked into the cheesecake,” she said.

The pecan pie has an entire pecan pie baked inside of a Madagascan vanilla cheesecake, topped with house-made caramel sauce and fresh toasted pecans.

Full pies inside the cheesecake means double the deliciousness. No wonder customers are wowed by them.

Everything Cheesecake patrons can eat in or take out.

Cheesecakes are offered whole or by the slice.

Everything Cheesecake is open Tuesday through Friday 10-6 and Saturdays 10 to 5.

The menu also includes doughnuts, pastries and coffee.