Black gold is a familiar phrase.

But now a Raleigh County company is giving it new meaning.

Black Gold Coal Crafts uses West Virginia’s most significant natural resource to create decor, figurines and statues.

This unique business is located in the very heart of the Appalachian coalfields.

And it utilizes coal to create art that represents West Virginia’s rich heritage.

The business has been creating art from coal since 1970.

They use a process that combines coal fines with Black Gold Coal Craft’s own resin recipe to mold the coal into the incredible pieces of art.

Each piece is coated with coal urethane that guarantees these creations will last for generations.

Customers can choose from several pieces that symbolize the Mountain State.

You’ll find the flying WV, statues of coal miners, black bears and even a detailed replica of the New River Gorge Bridge.

The company is owned by Jeremy Fairchild, who designs these pieces along with Brian Bowman and his brother Justin Fairchild.

Honoring the coal mining industry is the foundation of their business, according to Fairchild.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Fairchild family has strong ties to the mining industry.

Jeremy’s grandparents owned Fairchild International, which manufactured equipment for underground mining.

In 2015, the Fairchild brothers jumped on an opportunity to buy Black Gold Coal Crafts.

That was the beginning of something beautiful.

They have preserved the original owner’s designs, and added their own designs as well.

All of the coal used by the company is locally sourced.

“Our coal comes from Raleigh County in southern West Virginia mostly from the Metinvest Affinity Complex,” he said.

Black Gold Coal Crafts allows West Virginians who take pride in the state’s coal heritage to display one of a kind pieces in their homes.