She is a Mountain State legend, and doesn’t even know it.

Maybe that’s part of her appeal.

But the Powell Mountain goat has wandered the hillside along U.S. Route 19 in Nicholas County alone for years.

That’s how she has caught the attention of many motorists, who will often pull over to watch her graze.

No one is certain how long she has lived on the mountain alone, but sightings began well over 17 years ago.

Rumor says that she originally lived on a farm in nearby Muddlety Valley before taking off alone.

Legend has it that she was only three months old when she struck out on her own.

Whatever really happened, this lifestyle seems to work.

Despite the isolation and having to survive through tough winter conditions she still appears to be healthy.

Powell Mountain is located just north of Summersville, and the mountain rises an estimated 2,400 feet above sea level.

It is one of the tallest peaks east of the Alleghenies, but that doesn’t seem to bother her.

Over the years she has developed a bit of a routine.

Mornings she will most likely be lying in a sunny spot toward the top of the mountain.

As morning turns to afternoon, she will often eat her way down the mountain side.


It is not unusual to find her grazing at the bottom of the mountain in the evenings, which provides passing motorists with wonderful photo opportunities.

Fame has not been fleeting in this case.

Over the years the Powell Mountain Goat has become such a local legend that she has her own Facebook page.

And there’s also a bumper sticker that reads “I Love The Powell Mountain Goat.”

She is beloved, no doubt about  it.