There’s no doubt about it.

Dark skies are the best place to see celestial events like meteor showers, and even the constellations.

West Virginia is fortunate to have several of these special spots, including two that have received national notoriety.

Tomorrow night’s Harvest moon should be visible across the state, weather permitting.

There is also a special “full moon hike” being held at Cass Scenic Railroad State Park.

It’s free, and participants should meet at the Visitor’s Center at Cass at 7:30 p.m.

Keep these other dark areas in mind for future star gazing:

Spruce Knob Mountain is the highest point in the state with it 4,860 feet altitude.

And its rural location (in a remote part of the Monongahela National Forest) means light pollution isn’t a problem.

It has one of the darkest night skies in the eastern United States. In fact, sky conditions there are considered to by many to be the best of anywhere east of the Mississippi River.

“The stars in the sky are so numerous that it can be difficult to pick out the major constellations. The Milky-Way shows tremendous detail to the naked eye,” according to

There’s a parking lot at the summit, near an observation tower, which is recommended as a good place to set up telescopes, the website states.

Calhoun County Park is also known as a prime spot for night viewing and photography.

Park officials go out of their way to host events for stargazers, and its reputation as a premier dark spot is well deserved. A stargazing party was held in late September and attracted several participants.

Star parties are held there on a regular basis, and special events are also part of the fun. In August, folks gathered to watch the eclipse.

And the annual Calhoun County Dark Skies Park in West Virginia was help in May for amateur astronomers who gathered for the Star Party Convention.

The park is is located approximately 4.3 miles south of Grantsville. There are only a few small communities in the area, and little development so that helps keep the dark skies pristine

It has several ridge-top locations and a large, open field that can be used during these events.