There’s nothing sadder than a jack o’lantern after Halloween.

Sagging eyes, a down turned mouth and the smell of a rotting pumpkin are all signs of better times.

But not for everyone, especially folks who take advantage Blenko Glass’ seasonal creations.

Pumpkin lovers are in luck because state artisans have created so many beautiful versions of this fall icon.

And some lucky people will get to make their own pumpkin, thanks to hands-on session being offered at the Cabell County landmark.

The bad news is that all of Friday and Saturday’s “Make Your Own Glass Pumpkin” classes have sold out.

Thanks to this offering, participants will be part of each step required to create a topaz-colored pumpkin with a clover green stem.

But fear not, because there are plenty of other glass pumpkin opportunities.

A “punkin patch” of diverse, handmade glass pumpkins will be for sale at  the Milton Pumpkin Festival which runs Oct. 5-8, and is right down the road from the iconic glass plant.

This festival has grown significantly since its debut in 1986 and now attracts thousands of people each fall to the region.

It also does a lot to build on the original goal of helping area farmers with raising and selling more pumpkins.

Expect plenty of delicious pumpkin goodies, from ice cream to pie, as well as a chance to see prize-winning pumpkins weighing at least 1,000 pounds.

Blenko’s booth will be in the show ring building all weekend, and will feature water bottles, miniature pumpkins and much more.

At the gift shop, there is something new: Free-form Dreamsicle pumpkins which are truly unique. No two are alike, because they are free-formed and hand finished instead of coming from a mold.

Not able to travel this fall?

Check out the special seasonal creations on the company’s Facebook page.

Something new for the Halloween season includes etched pumpkins, and even a special signature water bottle. It is a brilliant hue, actually 384 experimental orange, and there are a limited number available.

Three new items are available on ebay, including an extra large, yellow-orange glass pumpkin, smaller one with a black-etched fass and a 16-inch face sculpture.

Other ebay offerings include a purple bag vase with a wolf night scene, and also a Day of the Dead Halloween-etched charcoal vase.

There’s also a purple pumpkin for those who like something a little different than the traditional orange creations.