Mamie Thurman was young, beautiful and wild.

During the roaring twenties she lived in the town of Logan but opinions vary on how she lived.

Legend has it that she was uninhibited, and didn’t care what anyone thought of her.

Others described her as a perfect lady and church worker.

She married a city policeman, but is said to have cavorted with some of the town’s richest men.

Is it possible that’s what led to her being brutally murdered on June 21, 1932?

The next day her body was discovered (in some blackberry bushes) along a remote stretch of 22 Mountain near Holden.

She’d been brutally beaten, her throat had been slashed from ear to ear, and she was shot twice in the head at close range.

Shortly after her body was discovered, officials arrested an illiterate, African American handyman and charged him with her murder.

The handyman was employed by her next door neighbor, a prominent sportsman and banker.

At the time of his arrest most of the town doubted that the soft-spoken handyman was capable of such a heinous crime.

The only evidence against the handyman was blood discovered in a car he had driven that night, but the car did not belong to him.

The car was owned by the banker, and supposedly Mamie had been romantically involved with him at the time.

Rumors soon spread that the banker had killed the woman and made the handyman dump her body.

Others thought that the murderer could even be the banker’s frumpy, extremely jealous wife.

But that’s not the end of this local tale.

The situation became more complicated when Mamie’s body disappeared.

While her death certificate indicates she was buried at Logan Memorial Park, but it was later discovered that she was not there.

Her funeral records state that her body was sent to Bradford, Kentucky, but no cemetery there has any record of her internment.

Later, it was said that a rich business man paid $1000 to have her body buried in Chauncey, but no documents or grave could be found.

Mamie’s brother reportedly searched for her gravesite for years.

To this day no one knows where Mamie’s final resting place is, and many believe that an innocent man was convicted of her murder.

As result of all of this mayhem it is said that the murdered woman’s  restless spirit  haunts the hills and hollows of Logan searching for justice.

Today, it is still a right of passage for brave local teens to visit the spot where her body was discovered in the dark of night.

For over 80 years people have reported seeing her ghost wandering the side of the roadway.

Some have reported hearing a gunshot and a blood curdling scream.

Others claim that if you park your car along the road and put it  in neutral the car will begin to roll up hill.

A book and a play have been written about life and her brutal death.

Even today, no one knows for sure what really happened.

Maybe that’s why stories of her ghost persist to present times.

When will it end?

Many believe that Mamie’s spirit will never rest because the truth about her death has never been discovered.