Finally some good news.

A week after it was discovered, firefighters are getting a handle on the North Mountain blaze.

Its growth was limited Sunday due to increased humidity and about an inch of rain last night, according to a U.S. Forest Service press release.

Remnants of Hurricane Nate brought the rain along with strong winds, and gusts up to 30 miles per hour are possible today.

While the blaze now covers 198 acres, it is 30 percent contained.

A helicopter was used over the weekend to dump buckets of water on the rural Grant County site. It is approximately 12 miles west of Petersburg in the Monongahela National Forest.

Fire activity is also expected to be minimal with limited growth today.

“Due to the favorable weather firefighters were able to complete the fireline on the east side of the North Fork Mountain Trail,” the update reads.

“Steep terrain has limited access along the western side of the fire causing fire managers to assess other possible options for fireline locations.”

Access has also been limited due to falling trees, snags and loose rocks.

Firefighters will continue to look today for areas to construct firelines.

The number of federal firefighters on site will continue to increase when an additional crew arrives today.

All national forest lands within Grant County south and east of the North Fork South Branch of the Potomac River, to the Smoke Hole Road, to the Grant/Pendleton county line is closed.

This includes a large portion of the North Fork Mountain Trail, the entire Landis and Redman Run trails.

No word has been released on the fire’s cause, and it continues to be under investigation.