“We have the meat” is the commercial tagline for this national fast-food chain.

However Arby’s is perhaps best known for its roast beef sandwiches.

But that could be changing because of a corporate decision to add a new entree.


And it’s coming soon, very soon.

So West Virginians who may already have a taste for deer, along with others who are curious but never tried it, are in luck.

Imagine chowing down on an Arby’s venison burger in Beaver.

Saturday’s the day.

Approximately 40 state locations will join others nationally when the promotion launches Oct. 21 in all 3,300 restaurants across the country.

It’s first come, first served. And only available for a limited time.

A limited-edition elk sandwich (topped by a blackberry port wine sauce) will also be available in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

Customers liked the venison sandwiches when they were first test marketed in a few states last year, and the limited supplies sold out quickly, according to USA Today.

It will feature a thick-cut piece of venison (from a supplier in New Zealand) that’s been marinated in garlic on a toasted bun, and topped with a juniper-infused Cabernet steak sauce and crispy onions.

Carnivores may be happy, but that doesn’t include everyone.

Some folks aren’t happy the promotion is being billed as a kick-off to hunting season.

Others are taking aim at what they call “Bambi burgers.”