Looking for a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween with your family?

There’s good news, and it’s right here in the state.

Watoga State Park is holding a family-oriented Halloween event packed full of adventure and fun.

The event is being held on October 28 and will kick off at 11 a.m. with a special, kind of spooky presentation.

Who doesn’t want to know more about bats?

After spending time at the  Riverside Campground, participants will not only learn about these nocturnal mammals, but youngsters will create a craft to show based on this fun-filled experience.

At 1 p.m. it is time for the pumpkin decorating contest.

This event, also held at Riverside Campground, gives kids the opportunity to have some fun and express themselves through art.

Parents you will need to bring your own pumpkin for your child to paint or carve. The pumpkins, once decorated, will be used later in the evening’s activities.

Halloween games begin around 3 p.m. Games include candy-corn hole, ghost bowling and more. It’s sure to bring out the kid in everyone who attends.

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without trick or treating, right?

Att 7 p.m. kids who aren’t already in costume will change into theirs, and get the opportunity to trick-or-treat around the park. There will also be a costume contest.

After filling their bags with candy, it will be time to gather around the campfire and hear spooky ghost stories.

The campfire event will begin at 9 pm.

Don’t forget to bring some lawn chairs or a big blanket.

That’s  so your family will be comfortable by the ring of fire as famed storytellers Cully McCurdy and “Bugs” Stover share not-too-scary ghost stories with your little ones.

You can even roast marshmallows while listening to the ghost stories!

What could be better than bats, pumpkins, games, costumes, trick-or-treating and ghost stories around a campfire?

It doesn’t get any better than having a Happy Halloween at Watoga State park!