It might be small, but that’s part of the charm. Just ask any of the folks who stop for a look, or even to pray. For nearly 60 years, the Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church has had a special part in many people’s heart.

Church 3

That’s because the Preston County landmark is billed as the “smallest church in 48 states.” It predated Alaska and Hawaii.

It measures just 24-by-12 feet, and has room for 12 parishioners on its six pews.

Church 1

There’s no denying the beautiful altar.

Church 5

Or stunning stained glass window that gleam in the sunlight.

Church 7

Right behind the church is another special attraction, the world’s smallest mailing office. Technically it is not a post office. No one receives mail here.

Church 2

But it is a great place to send friends a postcard of the iconic church.

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