It’s been more than a decade since the New River Gorge Bridge got special national recognition.

That’s when it was part of a national coin project honoring each state.

In 2005 it was selected to appear on the West Virginia Quarter, after beating out several other possible designs for the honor.

But how much of the story do you know?

Although part of the U.S. Mint releases, the design selection process was rooted in the states.

More than 1,800 possible designs were submitted from around West Virginia, according to the New River Gorge Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

The Governor’s School for the Arts students narrowed the list to five finalists: the New River Gorge Bridge, Bridge Day, Mother’s Day, river rafting, and the Appalachian Mountains.

Gov. Joe Manchin chose the bridge design.

In the end, more than 700,000,000 West Virginia quarters with this design were produced.

It had the highest mintage of all quarters produced that in that year’s series.

The timing was good, since West Virginia was the 35th state admitted to the Union.

And the West Virginia quarter was the 35th design.

It’s selection was also appropriate because the bridge is a state landmark and also recognized nationally.

“This is a bridge that people come to photograph, raft under and enjoy. Bridge Walk now offers tours of the catwalk under the bridge. Bridge Day (set for Saturday) is the largest single day event in West Virginia.

BASE jumpers from all over the world have it on their list of structures to jump from. Many of them make the journey every year to take part in the event.

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No other image would have represented West Virginia quite as well,” the CVB website reads.