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How much do you know about this jewel on the Ohio River? Here are 23 things you may not have known about Cabell County, West Virginia.

1. The county is named for Virginia Governor William H. Cabell, who served as governor from 1805-1808.

2. The H. in his name did not stand for anything.

3. It’s the third most populous county in the state after Kanwaha and Berkeley counties.

4. Over 96,000 people call Cabell County home.

5. That’s down from the all-time high in the 1960’s when more than 108,000 people lived here.

6. But Cabell-Midland High School fluctuates as the largest or second largest high school in the state (often trading places with Parkersburg High).


7. The third governor of North Dakota, Eli C. D. Shortridge, was born in Huntington.

8. The Huntington Mall remains the largest mall in West Virginia.

9. The mall is technically located in the village of Barboursville.

10. A portion of Huntington is actually in Wayne County.

11. Huntington is the only legally designated city in Cabell County.

12. Barboursville was actually the county seat from 1818 to 1887.


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13. Huntington was first settled in 1775 as Holderby’s Landing.

14. Milton is home to Pumpkin Park and a famous Pumpkin Festival help every October.

15. Huntington was the second city in the country to adopt electric streetcars (after San Franscico).

16. The Great Flood of 1937 killed five people in the city and left tens of thousands homeless, leading to the creation of the city’s flood walls.

17. The railroad is still important here: The Huntington Division of the CSX Railroad is the largest of the company’s ten operating districts.

18. The film “We Are Marshall” actually premiered at the Keith Albee Theater downtown.

19. In the last NASCAR cup-level race held at the Ona Racetrack, Richard Petty won the West Virginia 300.

20. Marshall University’s Memorial Fountain is turned off on the anniversary of the 1970 plane crash and remains off until the spring.

via The City of Huntington

via The City of Huntington

21. The architect of Ritter Park in Huntington, Gus Wofford, also helped design the grounds surrounding the state capitol in Charleston.

22. Blenko Glass, a world famous artistic glass blowing company, is based in Milton.

23. The company makes the Country Music Awards trophy.


What other little known facts do you know about Cabell County?

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