Every American should know these nine things about West Virginia.

1. Pepperoni rolls are a religious experience

2. Spotting a West Virginia license plate outside of West Virginia is like finding a long lost friend


3. Family ties run strong, right down to local fishing holes

4. Running over hills to get home beats riding a school bus.9 Things 1

5. Hunting season is a family holiday in West Virginia

6. A local swimming hole and friends equals lifelong memories

Our whole crew in the #river 😁 #middleforkriver #audra #audrastatepark #camping A photo posted by Morgan McMurdy (@morgan_mcmurdy) on

7. Lightening bugs in a jar outshine city lights


8. Only West Virginians can criticize West Virginia – off limits to outsiders


9. These mountains are in your blood and they never leave you.


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