Balloon Ovations is a special place where customers are welcome to just pop in!

Owner Miranda Rogers, affectionately known as the “Balloon Lady,” creates art for parties and other special events.

Her whimsical balloon art is now being featured at Oglebay’s Boo at the Zoo, and her displays are part of the park’s Spooky Carnival.

Rogers is an artist who discovered her talent early in life.

It didn’t hurt that her father is a magician.

“I have been twisting simple balloon animals and figures since I was a child. As the daughter of a magician it’s just the sort of thing you tinker with. In my college years I did a few birthday parties and Valentine’s orders as a way to earn extra income while in school,” she said.

One thing led to another, and a career was born from this passion.

“When I graduated and moved back home I remember helping my dad twist for a local festival, and then somehow by the following year I had taken on the booking all by myself. Luckily, I think my dad was more proud than upset that I was suddenly taking over his side gigs.”

Soon she was doing birthday parties and street fairs.

In 2011, she created a “personal challenge/gag gift” as a baby shower gift for her cousin.

The positive response she received about her creation made her realize she could make this into a career.

Balloon 1

Thinking it over she found herself “dropping her paint brush and reaching for a balloon pump.”

Joy is important, and should be part of everyone’s life.

“I enjoyed the creative process and seeing the delight in people’s faces became such a rewarding bonus. I wanted to keep learning and creating, and bring pure, simply joy to others,” she said.

Building a business takes time, and is a process.

“Even then, however, I never dreamed I would be creating an actual business with this art form. For the next couple of years I practiced and played around in my spare time and just took every inquiry as they came.”

Persistence pays off, and that’s clear in this case.

“Before I knew it inquiries were coming in more and more steadily as photos of my work began circulating online. And I was needing a better, bigger space to make my creations and store my supplies.

I also was beginning to enlist the help of my spouse and parents to execute projects. It was getting excitedly out of hand!”

In the summer of 2013, she and her husband Brian Rogers took over a local office supply store in New Martinsville.

It housed two businesses, The Supply Closet and Balloon Ovations, where she could have an organized work space and meet with clients.

Since then Balloon Ovations has become a huge success.

The couple, along with her parents, Bill and Charleen Stokes, have built an established business that offers twisting entertainment as well as workshops, seasonal gifts, large sculptures, decorative work and even magic shows.

She works a full time job outside of Balloon Ovations, but spends “odd and long hours” creating. Her parents have been her “main crew”  helping from conception to the final execution of an order.

“I wouldn’t have been able to grow as quickly as I have with my balloon art. I feel so blessed that I have a family and ever-growing community that supports what I do. Through their encouragement, trust, and patronage, I’m able to grow as a person, an artist, and as a small business owner.”

Balloon Ovations is located at 301 N. Main St., New Martinsville. The store windows are filled with her art and are guaranteed to bring a smile.

And those smiles are what she treasures most.