Heroin wasn’t the drug found in a young girl’s trick or treat bag.

That news from a Fayette County community quickly went viral Halloween evening after the dark substance field tested positive for heroin.

Additional testing has shown it was a marijuana derivative, according to a press release issued Thursday afternoon by Oak Hill Police Chief Mike Whisman.

The substance was sent to the West Virginia State Police Forensic Laboratory in Charleston for confirmation, and that’s where the definitive identification was made.

A mother reported it to police after finding it among candy her daughter had been given while trick or treating in the local area.


It was wrapped in plastic, and found inside part of a rubber glove.

Although it wasn’t heroin, there’s still work to be done

But that doesn’t mean the case is closed, or that the guilty party won’t be sought.

Oak Hill Police, West Virginia State Police and the Central West Virginia Drug Task Force “will continue to vigorously investigate this crime until all leads are fully exhausted.”

Possession of a small amount of marijuana or heroin is a misdemeanor.

“However allowing a child to come in contact with it is a felony. And whoever is responsible, whether intentionally or accidentally, will be charged with multiple offenses,” the release concluded.