It happens every year.

And there’s no end in sight.

This year marks the 47th anniversary of the Nov. 14, 1970, plane crash that claimed 75 lives including Marshall University football team members and several coaching staff.

Gone but far from forgotten, tears are still shed by those affected by the tragedy.

The annual ceremony pays homage to the Thundering Herd team, community supporters and flight crew who died in the accident.

Everyone on board died.

They perished aboard a Southern Airways DC-9 when it crashed into a hill just short of the Tri-State Airport.

Thirty seven football team members were killed in the early every accident, along with nine members of the coaching staff, 25 boosters and four flight crew members.

Marshall University Football Team that died on the plane crash

They were returning home from Greenville, North Carolina, after playing the East Carolina Pirates.

Tomorrow’s noon event will once again be held on the Memorial Student Center plaza.

The university’s Student Government Association sponsors the event which is open to the public, and has historically attracted thousands of participants.

Another very special, heart-touching tradition will once again be observed during the ceremony.

Water in the commemorative fountain will be stopped during the service.

Remember- November 18, 2014

It will remain silent until spring.

The day will be especially personal for keynote speaker Fisher Cross.

He and his family have deep-rooted ties to the school.
He’s a sports management senior, but that’s only the beginning.
His grandparents, Herbert and Josephine Proctor were among the 75 people who died in the plane crash.

Accident victims were also honored in another way over the weekend.

During Saturday’s Western Kentucky game, players wore special black uniforms commemorating the tragedy.

On one side of their white helmets was the a number 75, while the other featured a logo worn by team members in 1970.

Crash victim names were also listed on the helmet.