Most eastern of the western states.

Greetings from West Virginia, The State Beautiful - Large Letter Postcard

Most southern of the northern states.

Greetings From West Virginia

West Virginia is no stranger to conflict, but there’s no disputing the beauty here.

Greetings from West Virginia - Large Letter Postcard

Everyone seems to agree that the Mountain State is magnificent.

West Virginia Map Card

That’s especially true when it comes to vintage post cards.

Post Card 1. front

These colorful reminders from a bygone era are more proof of its stunning scenery and vistas.

Private Swap from JustMeSKJ

Older messages send “Greetings from West Virginia.”

Greetings from West Virginia - Large Letter Postcard

But a later version references Almost Heaven.

Look closely and you’ll also see everything from a coal miner to Blackwater Falls images.

Greetings from West Virginia - Large Letter Postcard

Another features the state capital in Charleston, as well as various towns, streams and mountain views.

WV postcard

Each one has a picture of rhododendron and its distinct pink flowers that bloom in late spring.

Greetings From West Virginia

One even gets most of the state symbols onto the card.

West Virginia map

Most of them even get a pretty good angle on both the Eastern and Northern Panhandle.

West Virginia Map

One is a little funky, but isn’t that what art’s all about?

West Virginia Colo P14462 GF

After all, the panhandles are simply cut out of this version.

Greetings from West Virginia (2)

Who knows why?

No doubt state residents and anyone who loves West Virginia will give it a second look.