Brrrrr. Be prepared.

This week won’t be a problem for winter lovers.

But folks who prefer warm weather won’t be happy with the arctic front now moving toward West Virginia.

Look for some big changes beginning tomorrow.

A winter weather advisory has already been issued for most of the Potomac Highlands region.

Residents there, however, aren’t alone.

Federal forecasters say most of the state will be impacted by plunging temperatures.

Winds will pick up as the front moves through the state.

Imagine windchills below zero in the higher elevations.

Many other counties, including those in the Eastern Panhandle, may be in the single digits.

And some snow will be falling too.

Western areas of the state will likely get a trace, but the amounts go up from there.



Higher elevation, higher snowfall potential, said National Weather Service Meteorologist Andrews Beavers who works out of the Charleston officer.

“The southern lowlands around the Ohio River are looking for a trace to an inch. Maybe at the highest elevations there could be  eight to nine inches.

That’s going to be around Snowshoe. And then Elkins will probably get four or five inches.

There will also be a strip of about four to five inches up through the higher elevations in the more mountainous counties.

And as you head north in the state those areas could get an inch or two,” he said.

Most of the work week will be cold.

“This is moving out of Canada, and is basically expected to impact us through Thursday because it is very cold air pushing down from the arctic,” he said.