Really? Don’t believe it.

State road crews learned long ago to be ready early, and that’s true again this year.

The 2017-2018 Snow Removal and Ice Control statewide budget is $60,493,865.

Materials on hand as of November included sodium chloride (231,882 tons) and salt brine (243,818 gallons).

There are approximately 2,400 employees dedicated to this work.

And approximately 1,200 snow removal vehicles.



Want to know more about what’s up with winter weather and road conditions?

Check out the West Virginia Department of Transportation Facebook page.

Most recent posts detail the new winter weather advisory, an updated National Weather Service map of projected snowfall amounts and information about Department of Highways crew preparations.

With bad weather predicted, employees in Fayette County are “prepared to work around the clock to clear roadways.”

Nicholas County crews have used nearly 6,000 gallons of salt brine to pretreat highways.

Motorists can also visit for the latest weather alerts and road conditions.