Once upon a time, Grafton was one busy place.

Train passengers eagerly flocked to downtown stores, even an opera house.

Those same historic structures are once again bringing folks back around, but this time for the holidays.

Christmas lights on Main Street buildings create a special feeling.

Actually it’s about 45,000 lights that case a warm glow for folks to enjoy, said City Manager Kevin Stead.

But that’s only the beginning of the merriment.

City officials purchased a 26-foot tall Christmas tree this year as a centerpiece for the fun.

Excited folks line the streets for the annual parade when “bubbles float down from bubble machines on the buildings,” he said.

“The Grinch goes around picking on the kids, stops in the parade and then rides on a float throwing out stuffed animals to the kids.”

The holiday display has proven popular with local folks as well as visitors since it was begun five years ago, he said.

“We show a movie on a big outdoor theater system. We have live music and more.”