One day is pretty much the same as the next for the Powell’s Mountain Goat.

Grazing, sunning and walking along the hillside as folks watch below from Route 19.

But photojournalist Anne Johnson sees her differently.

She’s more than a barnyard animal gone astray.

This is a unique creature, complete with her own personality and view of the world.

In this case, her world is bigger than it appears.

Much, much larger.

As her biggest fan, Johnson has spent years observing and learning about this beloved creature.

Creative by nature, she usually creates a new seasonal meme starring (who else) the goat.

Think heart-shaped glasses for Valentine’s Day, plenty of red,white and blue balloons for July 4th and even a sombrero to say Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Her fame is spreading.

The photo taken of this popular furry friend was purchased as it was being exhibited at Tamarack.

Can’t get enough of her?

There are a line of goodies bearing her image including Christmas ornaments and coffee mugs.

Turns out the old girl is photogenic.

Be sure and check out her self-titled Facebook page.

Or maybe purchase a bumper sticker the next time you’re in this part of Nicholas County.

Who knew a goat could be a star?

Johnson, of course.

Now we all do, too.

Without further ado, Merry Christmas 2018 from you know who…

And some other holiday greetings too.

Anne Johnson Images

Anne Johnson Images

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