It’s been a special year. Complete with plenty of memories and festivities.

And why not? After all, this was a special anniversary.

South Charleston officials and residents made it a point to celebrate the town’s 100th birthday in a big way.

Social media posts highlighted the various people, businesses and civic organizations that helped make the Kanawha County community a great place to live.

Lots of folks know about the chemical industry’s important role in the valley.

But that’s only the beginning, because the future is also bright as new goals are being realized.

Truly #SomeplaceSpecial100. Still.

Here’s looking forward to its still going strong after another 100 years!

South Charleston’s 100th birthday was officially celebrated on Aug. 9.

The Criel Mound is a famous local landmark and dates back to the Adena Indians.

Still a great local place to get something sweet to eat.

Workers helped construct MacCorkle Avenue back in the day.

A special sculpture, Burial Attendants, was dedicated in 1979 at the mound.

Rock Lake Pool was billed as the “largest and most beautiful in the East” when it opened in 1942.

Former Mayor L. Henry Oakes, and the namesake for Oakes Field, grew up in this old log cabin circa 1850.

Lots of great local athletes, including former NFL player Robert Alexander.

The annual Arts and Crafts Fair at the Mound began in 1979 and draws artisans from across West Virginia.

An early picture of Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation’s plant entrance, with Klipstein and Sons Company in the background.

A steamboat prepares to navigate the Kanawha River at Lock Six.

Folks join in the Fourth of July parade and help support military troops during World War II, circa 1942.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt rides through the city after visiting the Ordnance Center, Sept. 3, 1940.

People picnicked on Blaine Island until it was purchased by Union Carbide in the late 1920.

Mayor J. Alfred Poe and Dunbar Mayor Frank Leone met on the new I-64 bridge over the Kanawha River that united the two towns.

South Charleston Soldiers were painted on fire hydrants as part of the U.S. Bicentennial celebration.

What’s a birthday without a cake and party?

So many people agree that South Charleston really IS someplace special.

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