Little things mean a lot.

And big messages can come in special ways.

Just ask blogger Steve Wentz, who has a knack for sharing with others.

His Facebook post about a balloon he found in a rural community is downright uplifting.

And just the right way to start the New Year (and week).

Steve attached a picture of the envelope and the message he found.

Facebook post reads…

I ran across this balloon this morning that I found a couple of years ago in the area of Ten Mile, Upshur County. I had meant to contact this church but forgot to do that. This one is from Florissant, Missouri which is NW of St Louis and about 632 miles from Buckhannon.
I’ve found several others along roads I’ve traveled over years past during work, including a couple others from MO and a couple from Ontario, Canada.
This one has a very nice and fitting message on the card and I believe, only by the Grace of God could that card have survived the ride for that distance.