Worth the wait. Or not quite right. Only time will tell.

But the initial reactions have been mostly favorable.

Fiesta Dinnerware fans haven’t been shy about reacting to the new 2018 color, mulberry.

After all, it’s been less than 24 hours since company officials made public the new addition they described as a “rich shade of violet.”

This choice follows a wave of consumer cries for some kind of purple, lavender or pink shade to round out the brightly-colored palette.

Why mulberry?

“After being without a true purple hue since 2014, we are excited to add it to our new color lineup,” a company Facebook post reads.

There’s another reason this year is extra special.

Mulberry is the 50th color in the iconic line’s color spectrum.

And so far, purple lovers are very pleased with the choice.

Some fans hail it as the perfect purple.

Others are ready to pair it with shades like grey, lemongrass, turquoise and sage.

Many like the idea of combining it with last year’s new color, daffodil.

The bright, sunny yellow remains popular moving forward.

But another citrus favorite, tangerine, was retired last year.

Cautious consumers are wary that mulberry may be too close in hue to the line’s retired lilac (1993-1995), heather (2006-2009) and plum (2001-2015).

The new color will be available at department stores, independent retailers, and www.fiestafactorydirect.com by June.

This celebrated line debuted in 1936, and is produced at the company’s facility in Newell, West Virginia.

Homer Laughlin produces the popular ceramic-glazed dinnerware at its Northern Panhandle site.