Fairmont’s skyline hasn’t been the same since a treasured timepiece was removed years ago.

Many folks still miss the giant clock perched atop the Watson Building, the tallest building downtown.

That’s why Wesbanco Bank officials have been contacted about a replacement for it.

“Bring the clock back” is the online rallying cry in the Facebook group, You’re Probably From Fairmont If…

Page administrator Ralph V. Davis got an immediate response when he asked readers why the clock mattered to them.

How the clock looked on top of the Watson Building in 2006 (via Wikipedia)

How the clock looked on top of the Watson Building in 2006 (via Wikipedia)

He also reached out to corporate bank officials in an effort to find out possible replacement costs and how community members could help raise the funds.

Citing the “great interest” in restoring the clock, he said it may be possible to start a Gofundme account for restoring it.

The first step was to determine how much this might cost, he said.

Past and present residents have plenty of good memories of it, and how they still miss the local icon.

“Something so simple, which gives purpose to many,” one post reads.

While another said, “We all lived by that clock, but it’s gone.”

It was also a way of staying out of trouble, according to a few posts.

via Flickr

via Flickr

“That clock let me know that I had better get my rear end home,” one reads.

Some recalled looking at the old East Fairmont High School windows, counting the minutes until their next class.

Others saw it from home, or when visiting a family member.

“I lived on East Side and could see the time/temp from my windows…It’s hard to explain, but I miss it even though I couldn’t see it from where I live now,” one post reads.

Many have long ago moved away, but are still struck by its absence when they visit now.

Not everyone supports this replacement project.

Many pointed out that technology means easy access to the time and temperature, while others felt it should be left to the bank to decide.

Davis countered that it’s more than just a clock.

It’s about feeling connected to Fairmont, and a shared memory that makes people smile.

“You can take people out of Fairmont, but you can’t take Fairmont out of the people,” he posted.

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