Skywatchers are in for a special treat. There’s about to be another Blue Moon—but that’s not all.

On Wednesday, West Virginians can join others worldwide to watch the Super Blue Blood Moon lunar eclipse.

It’s special enough that NASA is calling it a pre-dawn lunar trifecta, and is offering live coverage.

Beginning at 5:30 a.m. EST on Jan. 31, a live feed of the moon will be available on NASA TV and You can also follow at @NASA Moon.

What’s all the excitement about?

A Blue Moon is when there are two full moons in the same month.

The Jan. 31 full moon follows the one on Jan. 2, and will also include a lunar eclipse (when the moon passes into the Earth’s shadow.

If that’s not enough, NASA is classifying the Jan. 30 event as a supermoon even though it is “technically one day before the moon reaches full peakness.”

A supermoon is when the moon reaches its closest point to Earth, and appears even brighter than usual by about 14 percent.

Astronomers say West Coast residents will have the best views, but others will also be looking out for the special celestial event.

It will be seen as a partial lunar eclipse in Charleston, West Virginia.

Viewers will have a little more than 1 ½ hours to see it beginning at 5:51 a.m. and ending at about 7:30.

The timing may make it a little harder to see since it will begin as the moon is about to set in the western sky, and the sky is getting lighter in the east.

By about 6:48, the moon will begin to get a reddish tint, also known as a blood moon.

It will be close to the horizon so the best viewing spots will be higher locations with unobstructed views.

Weather conditions are expected to be favorable in the Kanawha Valley for seeing the eclipse with sunshine and only a few clouds predicted for that day.

This total lunar eclipse will be visible in other parts of North America, Alaska and Hawaii before sunrise.

Other places, including the Middle East, Asia, eastern Russia, Australia and New Zealand, will see it during moonrise the morning of Jan. 31.

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