Customers come and go at the Lewisburg Hardee’s.

But there’s no denying some are special, and that includes Gov. Jim Justice.

His daily visit was even a bigger deal Thursday when he bought an extra biscuit to give a friend, President Donald Trump.

Justice swung by the drive-thru on his way to picking up Trump at the Greenbrier Valley Airport.

Employees Brenda Turner, Wanda Jennings and Shirley Mandeville were working the morning shift and are used to seeing the governor.

“Mr. Justice comes in every day and we have breakfast every day with him, so I guess you could call it one of the perks of our jobs,” said Turner.

“He always gets sausage and egg biscuits, and he loves strawberry jelly. So he took Mr. Trump one too.”

Mandeville, a Trump supporter who was cooking at the time, shouted out a greeting for him, and that was the beginning of the story.

“I just like the way he has been doing since becoming president,” she said. “I think he is doing a good job.”

“So I hollered out and told one of the girls to have the governor say hello to President Trump. Of course, I never thought he would do that. I never thought another thing about it really.”

One of her favorite possessions is a Trumpy bear, complete with a signature swath of blond hair, that she ordered online.

Turns out a sausage egg sandwich wasn’t the only thing Justice shared with the president.

He also let him know he had some fans at the fast food restaurant, and Trump responded. In writing, no less.

Early that afternoon he returned to leave Trump’s handwritten note to the women.


“Hardee’s gals – Take care of Big Jim – A great guy,” it read.

Trump had written it on the second page of a speech he was delivering at the GOP retreat being held at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs.

It was an amazing experience for them all, but especially Mandeville, the general manager who’s worked at the restaurant for 28 years.

“We were all very, very surprised because we weren’t looking for anything like that. But we sure were tickled.”

This presidential momento is now a prized personal possession. It’s right up there with her Trumpy bear, and will be hanging in her home soon.

She’s also planning to hang a copy up at the restaurant. Right up front where others customers are sure to see it.