Who doesn’t like maple syrup? It’s sweet, and has a great flavor.

But folks don’t always know what it takes to get the fragrant sap from trees to pancakes.

That will become clearer beginning Saturday when the first of two “Maple Syrup Days” will be held to celebrate the state’s growing industry.

The statewide events will be held Feb. 24 and March 17 as a way to honor the 2018 maple season.

Mountain State Maple Days 2018

Explore the Mountain State on the sweetest days of the year! Use the map and guide below to find sugar houses, restaurants, festivals, and other events that are participating in Mountain State Maple Days 2018. This year’s Maple Days are February 24th and March 17th.

Thanks to a collaborative effort headed by the West Virginia Maple Syrup Producers Association, sugar shacks and maple operations will open their doors to the public.



Sixteen operations are slated to participate this year.

It’s an exciting time, because the state’s industry continues to grow.

Despite a mild winter, state maple production increased by 33 percent in 2017, according to Agriculture Commissioner Kent Leonhardt.

West Virginia now has approximately 164 million maples within its forested areas, he said.

“If you have never tasted real maple syrup, these days are for you.”