Mother Nature is an artist. And sometimes she outdoes herself.

Especially when it comes to birds and animals with special coloring or markings.

That’s the case in West Virginia where folks report seeing a variety of piebald critters, everything from robins to white-tailed deer.

Simply defined, it’s an animal that has a pattern of pigmented spots on an unpigmented (usually white) background of hair, feathers or even scales.

Words don’t really do it justice.

Ever seen a piebald?

It’s a memorable experience.

Sherry Post, a nature lover and artist who also posts her photos online, is no stranger to piebald animals.

But each experience is special, and unforgettable.

One piebald deer was mostly white, and had been visible for a few years before being poached.

Another favorite was getting to see and photograph another piebald deer in the snow.

This winter offered an even more exciting opportunity, thanks to a visiting piebald robin.

She named the special bird Love after noticing a white heart on the lower part of its breast.

Little things aren’t always little, according to Post.

“One showed up the day after I buried one of my favorite kittens,” she said.

“I took it as a sign that she was ok now. I am a firm believer in signs. I think she came back as a beautiful bird.”

Pamela Withrow got rave reviews after posting online a photo of a piebald cardinal  for all to admire.

Most folks had never seen anything but a bright red male cardinal.

So this unusual beauty was a rare treat, and prompted many comments.

“Nature’s angel…beautiful,” said one post.