Tick tock.
Legislators know the clock is running out.

After all, the regular sessions ends Saturday at midnight.

But there’s even more pressure on the six members who met this afternoon to help get teachers and students back into classrooms.
Conference committee members, three appointed from both the Senate and House of Delegates, crunched numbers.
The goal is to somehow, hopefully, end the impasse over how much of a pay hike state teachers should receive.
Teachers want a minimum 5 percent raise, but Senate members maintain that 4 percent is the best option.
Sen. Craig Blair, R-Berkeley, chairman of the Finance Committee, got booed after saying county superintendents and teachers should focus on reopening schools now.
He said legislators will approve a raise before the session ends. So getting students back in the classroom immediately makes sense.
Teachers in the audience immediately said “no” after he called for their return to work.
However, even as committee members met late this afternoon, counties began announcing closures.
It’s anticipated all 55 counties will be closed tomorrow.
That makes the ninth day for the statewide work stoppage.

Conference committee meets to discuss pay raise, adjourns but will meet again

West Virginia legislative conference committee members trying to hammer out an agreement on a pay raise bill met Monday and did not immediately reach an agreement, but said they would return and talk to their respective caucuses, share information and then