What would Easter be without pickled eggs and beets? Generations have shared this special comfort food.

And that tradition hasn’t changed much.

Many folks are already getting them ready for Sunday’s holiday meal

Or perhaps they’ve already eater the first batch, and are busy making more.

Pickled Eggs with beetroot and red onions, last batch. I promise. 

They are delicious, and so easy to make.

Pickled egg and beet slices

The basic recipe calls for adding hard-boiled eggs to beet juice containing equal parts of vinegar and water, as well as enough sugar to sweeten to taste.

Some like sliced beets, others prefer them whole.

Tuna casserole with potato chip topping, pickled beets and hard boiled eggs.

It’s just a matter of personal preference.

Others add some sliced onions, or even a touch of pickling spice.

Pickled Eggs and Beets

Most make them ahead of time so the egg white (and even the yolk) has plenty of time to soak up the beet juice.

Pickled Beet Eggs

Good memories, great eating.

Nothing says happy Valentine's day like eggs pickled in beet juice.